Critical Care Medicine at a Glance, 4th Edition


Everything you need to know about Critical Care Medicine… at a Glance!

Critical Care Medicine at a Glance, Fourth Edition provides a succinct, accessible, highly illustrated introduction to the care of the critically ill patient. Designed for medical students, junior doctors and nurses alike, this authoritative revision guide covers the essential clinical, diagnostic, and therapeutic skills required to manage critically ill patients with a wide range of conditions in a variety of settings. Colour-coded chapters which contain concise explanatory text, applications to practice, and numerous high-quality photographs, illustrations, diagrams and tables.

Fully revised to reflect current guidelines, changes in practice and recent medical innovations, this fourth edition includes expanded coverage of resus, sepsis, COVID-19, ECMO, dermatological emergencies, envenomation and other key conditions and procedures. Updated chapters incorporate current assessment methods used by medical schools and postgraduate training programmes, whilst additional ‘Pearls of Wisdom’ boxes and ‘Wise Owl Reading’ reference suggestions are integrated throughout to aid learning and comprehension.

  • Allows rapid access to the knowledge and skills required to care for the acute and critically ill.
  • Covers a wide range of topics such as respiratory and neurological emergencies, arrhythmias, ventilation and intubation, trauma surgery and abdominal imaging.
  • Features contributions from leading critical care practitioners.
  • Provides normal values, reference ranges and treatment and monitoring guidelines for various critical care scenarios.
  • Includes practical case studies, revision questions and self-assessment tests with answers.
  • Contains several useful appendices, including information on pacemaker types and classifications.

Critical Care Medicine at a Glance, Fourth Edition is a must-have for medical students, junior doctors and nurses in intensive care and emergency medicine and those undertaking postgraduate exams.

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Richard M. Leach




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4η, 03/2023


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