Self-Assessment in Paediatrics by Lissauer: MCQs and EMQs, 2nd Edition


This is an indispensable companion to the ‘Sunflower book’ – the highly acclaimed Illustrated Textbook of Paediatrics (6th Edition). It is essential for those who wish to test or improve their learning, or for exam revision for undergraduate or early postgraduate speciality exams.

It includes high quality questions, some including images or diagrams, on  important topics covering the paediatrics and child health curriculum. Explanations about both correct and incorrect answers are provided.

The authors are highly experienced examiners and question writers, ensuring that the questions are similar to those encountered in exams or help explain difficult topics.


1      The child in society
2      History and examination
3      Normal child development, hearing and vision
4      Developmental problems and the child with special needs
5      Care of the sick child and young person
6      Paediatric emergencies
7      Accidents and poisoning
8      Maltreatment of children and young people
9      Genetics
10     Perinatal medicine
11     Neonatal medicine
12     Growth and puberty
13     Nutrition
14     Gastroenterology
15     Infection and immunity
16     Allergy
17     Respiratory disorders
18     Cardiac disorders
19     Kidney and urinary tract disorders
20     Genital disorders
21     Liver disorders
22     Malignant disease
23     Haematological disorders
24     Child and adolescent mental health
25     Dermatological disorders
26     Diabetes and endocrinology
27     Inborn errors of metabolism
28     Musculoskeletal disorders
29     Neurological disorders
30     Adolescent medicine
31     Global child health

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Approx. 109 illustrations (86 in full color)


Tom Lissauer, Will Carroll




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2η, 11/2021


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