Integrating Systems: Clinical Cases in Anatomy and Physiology


Integrating Systems: Clinical Cases in Anatomy and Physiology presents real-life examples to help students new to anatomy and physiology demonstrating how anatomy and physiology work together to enable the human body to respond to a range of external challenges. Students will be able to build their knowledge by engaging with a mix of scenarios focusing on the variations of ‘normal’. The inclusion of concept maps, questions, answers and rationales will provide students and instructors the necessary tools to effectively understand the integration of body systems and prepare for common presentations in practice.


CASE 1: A homeless man with wounds on his feet
CASE 2: A teenager with swollen lymph nodes
CASE 3: A motor scooter rider with multiple closed fractures of the femur
CASE 4: An infant with overgrowth of the right brain hemisphere
CASE 5: Watery eye during a common cold
CASE 6: Formalin-loaded taste buds
CASE 7: A young woman with low blood cholesterol levels
CASE 8: Chronic stress and heart health
CASE 9: Significant blood loss due to internal injuries
CASE 10: Flu vaccination
CASE 11: A teenager with an allergic reaction to peanuts
CASE 12: A cyclist with a heart attack
CASE 13: Age-related changes in the respiratory, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems
CASE 14: Teenagers’ water endurance test
CASE 15: A woman with smoker’s cough
CASE 16: A truck driver with anal fissure
CASE 17: Food poisoning
CASE 18: An elderly lady with dehydration from gardening during hot weather
CASE 19: Ectopic pregnancy
CASE 20: Breastfeeding challenges

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