Immunology and Infectious Diseases in Cattle: Graphic Handbook


The book Graphic handbook of immunology and bovine infectious diseases is an innovative writing which presents essential aspects about basic immunology, the immune response and the major diseases subject to vaccination in cattle, as well as the vaccination and control procedures in an illustrated and didactic method. The accuracy of the contents, together with the detailed illustrations and computer graphics, will help the veterinary surgeon to strengthen his/her expertise on this issue. Furthermore, the authors’ broad experience confers this book an instructive and straightforward hue in dealing with some disciplines that have always been complex.


1 General immunology
Tissues and organs of the immune system
Cells and molecules of the immune system
Innate immunity. Phagocytosis
Acquired immunity
Local and general inflammation
Mucosal immunity
Immunity of the mammary gland
Immunity during gestation and in the foetus
Immunity in the neonate and calf. Colostrum. Passive antibody transfer
Immunity against viruses
Immunity against bacteria
Immunity against protozoa
Immunodeficiency and immunosuppression
Serological diagnosis
Immunological diagnosis: cellular immunity
Direct diagnosis: detection of antigens and nucleic acids
2 Vaccine-preventable bovine diseases
Neonatal diarrhoea in calves
Bovine respiratory disease
Mª dolores cid, ana doménech, alberto díez-guerrier
Diseases caused by clostridia
Bovine mastitis
Abortions in cattle
Bovine viral diarrhoea
Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis
Bovine tuberculosis
Bovine paratuberculosis
Bovine brucellosis
Foot-and-mouth disease
3 Prevention and control of bovine diseases
Health management programmes in cattle. Colostrum feeding
Production and administration of vaccines
Vaccination recommendations in dairy, beef, and breeding cattle

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Blanco Gutiérrez, María del Mar, Cutuli de Simón, Mª Teresa, Doménech Gómez, Ana, Dominguez Bernal, Gustavo, Gibello Prieto, Alicia, Gómez-Lucía, Esperanza, Cid Vázquez, Mª Dolores, Díez Guerrier, Alberto A.




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