Imaging for Students, 5th Edition


Imaging for Students delivers step-by-step guidance to the range of imaging techniques available, providing a clear explanation of how each imaging modality actually works, and including information on the associated risks and hazards. Throughout, the importance of patient preparation and post-procedure observation is emphasized.

Taking information from evidence-based studies and published guidelines, in line with current clinical practice, the book takes a highly logical approach to the investigation of clinical scenarios, where possible indicating the ‘best first test’—vital to both appropriate clinical and cost-effective decision-making.

  • Readable and concise – focusing on the common diseases that medical students most frequently encounter
  • Fully revised and updated – including up-to-date information on the latest imaging techniques including spectral CT, liver elastography, new and emerging PET techniques, multiparametric imaging and the role of AI
  • Heavily illustrated – over 450 high-quality photographs, many new to this edition including colour images, are essential to support this visual subject
  • Highly structured and accessible format – plentiful use of tables and lists, and introduction of new summary boxes, all ideal for study and exam preparation
  • Companion website – image library including normal anatomy, clinical cases and MCQs for self-assessment, RADS reporting systems and detailed staging systems for common tumours relevant to each section

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Craig Hacking, David Lisle




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5η, 02/2023


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