Essentials of Septorhinoplasty, 1st Edition (Προϊόν Προσφοράς)


In the past, functional and aesthetic nasal surgery had developed separately from each other, so that both ENT and plastic surgeons were often not able to exhaust the full potential of nasal surgery. In modern nasal surgery, form and function of the nose are two inseparable aspects, because functional and aesthetic problems usually occur in combination. This is the first book that deals with the dual character of complex nasal surgery, i.e. it equally covers both the functional and aesthetic aspects of septorhinoplasty. The three main areas of complex nasal surgery are surgery of the septum, the different approaches in rhinoplasty, and endoscopic microsurgery. These are all covered, as well as aspects of endoscopic sinus surgery and postoperative treatment with topical corticosteroids.

Key points include: – First book that deals with both the functional and aesthetic aspects of complex nasal surgery – Description of operative techniques by internationally famous experts – Precise step-by-step descriptions of operative techniques – Before and after illustrations to help plan procedures

Essentials of Septorhinoplasty: Philosophy, Approaches, Techniques (Δείτε την πιο Πρόσφατη Έκδοση)


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