Echocardiography by Nihoyannopoulos (Προϊόν Ειδικής Προσφοράς)


Echocardiography has expanded greatly to become a sub-specialty in cardiology in its own right. From the original M-mode modality of 50 years ago, it has evolved into a complex multimodality method for evaluating and quantifying cardiovascular lesions. In addition, the entire spectrum of hemodynamic assessment of the heart can now be performed noninvasively using echocardiography alone. Transesophageal echocardiography has added to the clarity of imaging and proved to be extremely helpful In valve surgery. Lately, three-dimensional echocardiography has added a new dimension and helped the understanding of cardiac anatomy and pathology in real time. Finally, deformation imaging and assessment of myocardial perfusion completes the global assessment of the heart by echocardiography by looking at the various contraction and perfusion patterns in patients with coronary artery disease at rest and during stress.

Echocardiography highlights the clinical utility of these evolving modalities that are now crucial to the renaissance of echocardiography. Thus it provides a thorough clinical review of this most revealing and adaptable methods of imaging a patient. The Editors and their world-class group of contributors have created an essential reference for all who use echocardiography in the practice.

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Dr Petros Nihoyannopoulos is Reader in Cardiology, at the National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College School of Medicine and Technology (University of London) and Honorary Consultant Cardiologist Hammersmith Hospital, UK. He is a fully trained clinical cardiologist having completed medical studies in Strasbourg-France in 1979. He is now Head of Echocardiography laboratories at Hammersmith Hospital.

Dr Joseph Kisslo is Professor of Medicine at Duke University, Durham, NC USA. Dr. Kisslo's research has centered around the development and initial application of new ultrasound imaging devices. Focussed principally on morphologic diagnosis in the early years, the work has become progressively more physiologic in its orientation.



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