AFIP Atlas of Tumor Pathology Volume 4: Nonmelanocytic Tumors of the Skin


Nonmelanocytic tumors of the skin form a large and heterogeneous group of lesions, ranging from common to extremely rare, which often appear to the practicing pathologist to blend into one another and difficult to identify correctly, especially in specimens, which often represent limited biopsies.

There may be more different entities in this group than in any other organ system. The table of contents of this encyclopedic work by Drs. Patterson and Wick reveals a total of 226 tumors and tumor-like lesions discussed by the authors. For each of these entities, the authors present the distinctive clinical and pathologic features, as well as an extensive differential diagnosis. Special studies, including immunohistochemistry, electron microscopy and molecular profiles are presented where appropriate. The text is complemented by over 880 illustrations (almost exclusively in color) and over 3,000 references through 2005.

This publication will serve as the most comprehensive and useful guide available to cutaneous tumors and tumor-like lesions.

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